Live at Puerto Rico

From 12 to 27 of april, Yiannis will travel to Puerto Rico as a guest of the Jazz Festival in San Juan , where he will have a double gig !

During the first gig at April 19, Yiannis will perform with Puerto Rican musicians during the Long Weekends Jazz Fest et Palmanova Plaza , Palmas Del Mar, performing some of his recent compositions from his new album "East N' Blues".

During the second gig which will take place april 26 Yiannis will be the musical director of a music and dance project, "Moving Sound". Yiannis composed the music while choreography will be directed by Dimitris Karalis.

The NEW ALBUM of Yiannis Kassetas "East n'Blues" recorded at NY, US

After the amazing "Jungle of Illusion" Yiannis gives us another peace of his great talent with his new album 'East n'Blues" recorded in New York. The musicians performing with Yiannis in this new album are trully first rate New York based Jazz musicians. Ullysses Owens, the drummer is a Grammy award winner and internationally acclaimed musician who plays with giants like Christian McBride and Wynton Marsalis. Another star musicians as Adam Birnbaum on the piano and Tatum Greenblatt on the trumpet. They both perform with giants like Al Foster , Greg Osby (Adam) and Mingus Big Band , Richard Bonna (Tattum). Apostolos Sideris, on the the bass is a New York based musician from Greece and a good friend who has played with amazing players also such as Vincent Herring , Miles Griffith , Leo Genovese etc. Miles Griffith, vocals, is a guest on the cd. He is one of the most interesting vocalists of his generation and he has a personal approach in improvisation that led him into collaborating with Wynton Marsalis and other giants of Jazz. Last but not least Antonis Andreou on the trombone is a guest in two compositions.


From the upcoming cd "East N Blues". By Yiannis Kassetas New York Sessions. With:Ulysses Owens Jr. , Adam Birnbaum ,Tatum Greenblatt,Apostolos Sideris and Miles Griffith. Composed ,arranged and Produced by Yiannis Kassetas.


  • "Jungle of Illusions", Kassetas - Spanos Group (2011)

    "Lyrical,authentic,inspirational", Athinorama magazine

    "Untamed music that charms you with its power of freedom..", Θανος Ματζανας,Αυγη

    Initally released in Greece by Puzzlemusik, the album is now available for sale in the united states from Blue Truffle Music


  • "Funkabyss", Yiannis Kassetas and The Funk Wizards (2009)

    "Best cd of the year!": Sonic magazine

    "Simply inspiring.An amazing composer" Difono magazine


  • "The Truth About The Aliens Invasion in Egypt", Yiannis Kassetas and The Funk Wizards (2007)

    "Best Greek Jazz Funk Ever..." Ethnos News

    "Pure Jazz Funk with a personal touch. Reminds me of Freddie Hubbards works" Jazz & Jazz magazine


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